World Ecological Protection Photography Award


Wenke Duan 段文科

In 2011, the State Forestry Administration of China awarded the honorary title of China’s Advanced Individual in Protecting Forests and Wildlife Resources.

2019 Toronto International Photography Festival official Website Announced Honorary Chairman Award to Mr. Duan Wenke as Global Ecological Photographer

Duan Wenke, founder and chief moderator of Bird Net, executive director of China Wildlife Conservation Association, deputy director and secretary-general of China Wildlife Conservation Association Ecological Image Culture Committee, member of China Photographers Association, famous wildlife photographer, training instructor of China Ecological Photographer, certified referee of International Photography Competition, and editor-in-chief of China Bird Map , Earth Flying Feather and Spirit Under the Sky and other books.

In the spring of 2003, he began to engage in wildlife photography creation and ecological environmental protection work. In 2004, he won the title of “Top Ten Authors” of China Photographers Association Network. In 2005, he founded Bird Net and took the lead in proposing the objective of “using the power of images to arouse the public’s awareness to wildlife protection”. He personally presided over the formulation of the “Code of Conduct for Photography of Wild Birds”. He led 400,000 wildlife photographers to silently contribute to China’s ecological and environmental protection cause, making Bird Net the most influential ecological portal in China and even in the world.

In 2007, he published his photo album of wild birds, Flying Heart Feathers . In 2008, his bird photography works were exhibited at Pingyao International Photography Exhibition. In 2009, 2011 and 2014, he served as a judge of the “Flying Feather Moment” wildlife photography competition of Chinese National Geography magazine. In 2012, he became the judge of the Subaru Ecological Protection Award in China Wildlife Conservation Association.

Over the years, more than 150 news media in China, including CCTV, China National Radio, the Central Meteorological Station, China Environmental Protection Century Tour, and Beijing TV, Heilongjiang TV, Henan TV, Hainan Daily, have reported on his love for birds and his protection of birds.


段文科 中國鳥網創始人、總版主,中國野生動物保護協會常務理事,中國野生動物保護協會生態影像文化委員會副主任兼秘書長,中國攝影家協會會員,著名野生動物攝影師,中國生態攝影師培訓教官,國際攝影比賽持證裁判,曾主編《中國鳥類圖誌》、《大地飛羽》、《蒼穹下的精靈》等圖書。


2007年出版個人野生鳥類攝影集《心羽飛翔》。2008年他的鳥類攝影作品在平遙國際攝影大展上展出。2009、2011、2014年,他曾擔任三屆《中國國家地理》雜誌“飛羽瞬間”野生動物攝影大賽評委。2012年 擔任中國野生動物保護協會“斯巴魯生態保護獎”評委。



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