International Photographers Federation (IPF)  is a global non-profit organization, whose headquarter is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The union has attracted many photography artists, scenery photographers, wildlife photographers, portrait photographers, humanistic photographers, professional photographers, occupational photographers, business photographers, wedding photographers, studio photographers, star photographers, travel photographers, college photographers, photography theorists, photography teachers, photography lovers, photography students, etc. Till now, the International Federation of photographers has 65 photography member organizations on five continents and 30000 professional photographers around the world. The world-famous Toronto International Photography Festival (TIPF) and Toronto photography Carnival (TPC) are initiated and sponsored by IPF and held every other year. They are held every two years and have received extensive attention from the photography industry. Through the selection and recommendation of TIPF, the outstanding talents from different countries and regions have now been reputed and active in the world of photographic art. TPC is the favorite photography event for many new photographers. This lively and novel form of photography art exchange gives photographers an experience of innovation and thinking through many links such as photography lectures, works display, portrait shooting, equipment exchange, RV travel shooting, recommendation of excellent photography book, pioneer photographer selection, competition of the IPF photography baby for fully demonstration and interaction in many aspects. Through TPC, more and more young photographers emerge to enter the professional field and get better opportunities for development and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Chloe LJ Huang

Executive Chairman of IPF International Photographers Federation

Dr. Chloe LJ Huang, who is the President of Toronto International Photography Festival, Executive Chairman of IPF International Photographers Federation, Editor-in-Chief of Toronto Online Network, Project Director of Canadian International Television, Chief Photographer of SUCCEED Magazine of Canada, Honorary Chairman of British Photography Association, United Nations Global Spring Festival Theme Photo Contest The judges, the curator of the “West of China” global tour, the curator of the “Elves” eco photography tour, the curator of “Impression Canada”, and the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, invited to attend the “Canada Olympic Elite Day Celebration”, In 2015, she was invited to observe the ceremony “Beijing Tiananmen Victory Day Parade”. She received the “Star of Culture” title issued by the Canadian government.
Main study experience:
Master of Film and Photography Collection Management, Ryerson University, Canada
Doctor of Clinical Medicine, Tianjin Medical University, China
Main responsibility:
Executive Chairman, IPF International Photographers Alliance Editor-in-Chief of Toronto Online Network
Cultural and artistic curatorial planning experience in recent
President of the Toronto International Photography Festival in 2019;
Chief Planner and Chairman of Toronto Photographic Carnival in 2018;
Curator of the “West China” Canada Tour in 2018;
“West of China” curator of the three cities in Canada in 2017; Chief Planner and Chairman of TIPF Toronto International Photography Festival in 2017;
“Impression Canada” photo exhibition curator of China, Jiangsu Province, Guizhou Province, Shandong Province in 2017;
“ELF” Golden Monkey Eco Photography Exhibition Canada Tour Curator in 2016;
Chief Planning and Executive Chairman of Toronto Photographic Carnival in 2016;
TIPF “Toronto International Photography Festival” Chief Planning and Executive Chairman in 2015

 Honor :
Won the honorary title of “Top Ten Photography Tutors in the World” in the Hong Kong Art Golden Horse Awards in 2018; Received the “Outstanding Entrepreneur” Award from the Greater Toronto Community Cultural Center in 2017;
Received the “Outstanding Entrepreneur” Award from the Greater Toronto Community Cultural Center in 2016;
Received the “Cultural Star” Award from the Canadian Federal Government in 2016;
Work experience:
From 2017 to 2019 for three consecutive years, “Global Chinese Spring Festival Photo Contest” United Nations Special Jury;
Tiff Toronto International Film Festival Beijing Film Week Special Photographer in 2018;
Canadian Ambassador to China Mai Jialian’s dinner, special photographer in 2017;
Tiff Toronto International Film Festival Beijing Film Week Special Photographer in 2017;
Canadian Pan American Games Special Photographer in 2015; Canadian Chinese Dream • Wonders’ Love Spring Festival Evening Party Chief Photographer IN 2016;
Na Ying’s “The World” Toronto Concert Special Photographer IN 2016;
The 70th Anniversary of the War of Resistance Against Japan, “Ode to Peace”, Toronto, a large-scale musical, chief photographer in 2016;
“Empress Wu” North America Tour Toronto Station Chief Photographer in 216;
CCTV “Bring Me to Life” North American trials chief photographer in 2015;
Peking Opera “the Luky Purse” Toronto Performance Chief Photographer in 2015;
Chief Olympic Photographer of the Olympic Elite Day in Montreal, Canada, in 2015;
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign in June 2014;
Exchange learning experience:
Hong Kong Global Photography Art Exhibition Jury in 2018; Representative of the 2nd Overseas Huawen New Media Summit Forum in 2017;
Head of Canada Delegation, Duyun Photography Expo, Guizhou, China, in 2017;

 Head of the Canadian delegation to the 5th World Photography convention in 2017;
Representative of Beijing’s first overseas Chinese new media summit forum in 2015;
The distionguishi guest of “Beijing Tiananmen Square Victory Day Parade” in 2015