The results of 2019 TIPF International Photography Contest

The results of the International Photography Competition of the 2019 Toronto International Photography Festival were announced recently, and the winner list was announced on the official website of IPF.

In recent years, the Organizing Committee of Toronto International Photography Festival not only attaches great importance to the study of the competition program of photography events, but also attaches great importance to the era progress, application and development of photography culture and photography technology. The organizing committee has continuously refined and expanded the scope of the photography competition, spawning and encouraging the real power of the image
industry. On the basis of tracing and inheriting the traditional North American salon categories, including Natural Category (landscape, wildlife), Art Photography Category (people, open, black and white), Canadian thematic photography category, this competition category provides more competitive opportunities for more photography forms in combination with the development of photography era. In addition, it has 12 categories, including art and Creative, China thematic photography, Africa thematic photography, Polar (Antarctic, Arctic, high altitude) thematic photography, Mobile photography, Youth photography, etc. Since the beginning on spring, “Toronto International Photography Festival photography Contest” has received the enthusiastic attention, participation and contribution of 65 art institutions and organizations, tens of thousands of photographers and image lovers. After three months of collection, sorting and primary selection, 4176 masterpieces from 22 organizations around the world finally entered the final evaluation stage in autumn. All of these high-quality selected works are from IPF global collaborative member institutes. As before, the jury of the competition is composed of eight experienced senior judges from CAPA, a famous North American art institution with a history of 125 years. Mr. Rod Trider, who has served as the leader and consultant of the judging team for three consecutive times, fully affirmed and highly praised the overall level of works. After strict, serious, fair and just judgment, the jury elected 78 awards, including 12 Gold Awards (1 for each), Silver Awards (1 for each), Bronze Awards (1 for each), Best Awards (1 for each), Honorable Mention Awards (288), and Finalist Awards (871). Among them, Richard Li, a photographer from Hong Kong, China, won the “Excellent
International Photographer chairman” with the first overall score (1244.5 points) of the total number of contributions (55 pieces); He Zhao, a local photographer from Toronto, won the “Excellent Canadian Photographer” and Jian Wang, a China Suzhou photographer, won the “Golden Maple Award” with the highest score of 12 gold medals. Every Toronto International Photography Festival will cause a wave of photography. This competition has a large number of participants, not only past competitors, but also attracted many people to participate, including well-known photographers, online celebrities photographers, Star Photography guides, etc. The outstanding image works of 102 photographers won the “top 10 The Annual Classic Image Award” for the fifth
anniversary of IPF. 98 photographers won the Photography Potential Award for their unique creative capture.

TIPF is not only an international stage to help and promote the development of photographers, but also a competitive platform for national photography institutions to show their strength in the international photography arena. In this competition, China Shangtufang, China Bird Net and Canada Jiahua Elite Photography Association won the club group Gold Award with outstanding achievements; China Hooswe, China Liangzhishu and Atlantic Photographers Association won the club group Silver Award; Canada-China Photography Institute, F64 Travel Photography Club, North American Mobile Photography Association, China Jiangxi Digital Photography Association, Canada
Fengyingse Photography Club, SunSeeker , North America Imaging Studies won the group Bronze Award.

The Organizing Committee announced that the award ceremony of the Toronto International Photography Festival will be held in Toronto, Canada, on December 8, 2019. At that time, the IPF jury will also present the Lifetime Achievement Award of photography, the Global Photographer Award, the Master of Photography Theory Award, the Golden Lens Medal, the Excellent International Photographer Medal, the Pioneer Photographer Medal, the Photography Art Contribution Award and other important honorary awards. This year’s photography Summit Forum, master lecture, photography exhibition and other colorful projects will also be held at the same time.