In 2020, an unprecedented epidemic is proliferating across the world. We and our families are now facedwith challenges of extreme difficulty. During these extraordinary times, the epidemic is bringing greatmisfortune to many, especially photographers. The disease demands vast changes to our daily lives. TheInternational Photographers Federation (IPF) Board of Directors is closely monitoring the situation and following the latest developments of the epidemic. This year, the Organizing Committee of the Toronto
Photography Carnival is setting “the concern for photographer’s condition” as the core theme of the Festival, and came up with the idea of “HAPPY CANADA DAY”, which needs the contributors’ selfie as
their works. This festival is aimed to encourage the photographers to take part in Canada’s national day on July 1st by recording and celebrating it. The festival also wants to encourage the photographers and their families to continue their life within a happy and positive atmosphere. The part of “Write Down Your Story About the Epidemic” is expected to provide the platform for the photographers to release their stress, improve the cognition of each other, and know more about each other, promoting the understanding and care between photographers.

Starting 1st July 2020 at 00:00 Toronto time, the IPF and Toronto Photography Carnival Organizing Committee are starting an online activity calling for pictures taken and articles written for the Toronto
Photography Carnival “2020 Impressions of the Epidemic: The Photographer’s Story”, in which contributors will prepare a photograph of work and an article about quarantine.

Requirements are as follows:
I. Requirements of the contents of pictures
1. Recent picture of the author
2. Content elements of the picture: wearing masks, holding a camera or a phone, highlighting the flag of the country or region you live in, or other symbolic elements (please refer to poster photos)
3. Photoshopped pictures are acceptable
4. Pictures must be in JPG format
5. File must be at least 2 MB in size
6. Please send the email named after “author’s name”

II. Article Requirements
1. The content must reflect the author’s personal experiences, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and should cover interesting or thought-provoking anecdotes during the quarantine. Please avoid sensitive topics such as politics, military, or religion.
2. Admissible styles include poetry, modern poetry, classical poetry, song lyrics, short stories, etc
3. The length should be between 500 and 2000 words.
4. Poems should be within 30 lines.
5. Please attach the content as a file titled with the author’s name.

III. E-mail sending requirements
1. Email subject: “2020 Submission” + author name
2. Author information:
Please provide the following information by e-mail:
English name:
E-mail address:
Country/region of permanent residence:
Self-introduction: (photography experience and prizes won before, etc.)
3. Working picture and articles of the contributor and sending them as an attachment.

IV. Issue time of the album and activity schedule
Selected contributors will be notified starting 15th October 2020. Information regarding the initial publication and sale of books will be announced on the official website, accessible at After the
selection, the selected contributors will be contacted by a committee representative. Those not selected will not be individually notified. We appreciate your understanding.

V. Deadline: 31st August 2020, 23:59 at Toronto time

VI .Contact method
Email address: [email protected]
Submission announcement
Content submitted by the contributors are recognized as original work; for selected works, the host may use the content freely within the rights of the author copyright owner. The host can repeatedly use these pictures and articles as part of this event’s promotional material, publications, exhibitions, screening, information dissemination, etc., including publication on related websites, without further remuneration. Portraiture rights, reputation rights, and other rights, for which the host are not responsible, are the sole responsibility of the contributor. Contributors must possess copyright of the picture, and obtain permission of the persons in the works with respect to portraiture rights and other rights. Furthermore, contributors should ensure not to violate the image rights, reputation, privacy, and other legitimate rights and interests of any others. Of any issues concerning infringement of the rights of portraiture, reputation, privacy, copyright, and other interests and rights, as well as violation of libel laws, the contributor accepts all related responsibilities. The hosting party reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions in this notification, and all contributors will be deemed to agree and obey the above rules.

International Photographers Federation
Organizing Committee of Toronto Photography Carnival
1st July 2020