Announcement for the Appraisal of 4th Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition

On August 1, President Chi Huang attended the Online General Appraisal Conference for the 2020 4th Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in Shenzhen and organized by the Luohu Photography Society. The exhibition accepted entries from photographic enthusiasts worldwide with a total of 6,360 works from 42 countries and regions. Outstanding works were jointly certified and awarded the medal by the International Photographers Federation (IPF-KE1946), the Photographic Society of America (PSA-2020-311), the Global Photographic Union (GPU-L200082), and the Global Chinese Photography Association (GCPA2020-001). 

He Genqiang, famous Hong Kong photographer,Liu Weixiong, Vice Director of the Luohu Photographic Society in Shenzhen,Guo Cheng, Vice Chairman of the GPU,Yue Hongjun, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the GCPA, and Huang Chi, Executive President of the International Photographers Federation formed the panel of judges for colour photographs, whereas Zhang Junliang, a Hong Kong recipient of the “Ten Heroes Award” from the International Photography Salon,Wang Chen, Vice Chairman of the China Photographic Association,Zhong Guohua, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Photographers’ Association,He Jianhua, Vice Director of the Guangdong Provincial Photographers’ Association and the Professional Photographers’ Association, and Huang Songhui, Vice Director of the Overseas Chinese Photographic Society of China, formed the panel of judges for monochrome photographs.

After four days of meticulous appraisal conducted by a jury of ten internationally recognized photographers, a total of 196 awards were awarded; notable recipients include Mr. Zhong Yiwu from China who won the “Pengcheng Cup” awarded for receiving the highest total score, Mr. Ying Shi from Canada who won the SZIPE Gold Medal, and Mr. Istvan Kerekes from Hungary who won the IPF Gold Medal.


The List of Candidates