2019 Toronto International Photography Festival Press Conference Held

Hosted by the International Photographers Federation (IPF), the biannual Toronto International Photography Festival (TIPF) is being held in October 2019. This event, showcasing photographic art, is one of the main activities held in the celebration of the IPF’s fifth anniversary of establishment. On May 4th in Richmond Hill, with the help of D&H Show Production, the organizers held a ceremony to announce the details of the event. Among at least 150 sponsors and guests, the attendees of the press conference included government officials of all three levels, media representatives from the GTA, leaders of various photography agencies, famous photographers, and figures from cultural arts circles.

Dr. Chi Huang, the founder of the TIPF and executive chairman of the IPF Board of Directors delivered the following opening address: “The Toronto International Photography Festival is an operation co-founded by photographers. These photographers are gathered here today to raise the curtain on the 2019 TIPF. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the IPF. Over these past five years, the IPF has received support from all kinds of people. For this support from the various government members, the Chinese resident consulate, the Federation’s partners; for the investments of numerous amicable organizations including sponsors; and for the contributions of many photographers, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.”

She continued: “Over these past five years, IPF photographers have been active in nearly 200 GTA community performances and major events each year. Even more photography enthusiasts are on the path to becoming professionals. These photographers are gaining recognition and respect and more talent is emerging in the Federation. Our enriching lectures, outdoor filming sessions, instructional sessions, and production help to improve the photography community. With the combined efforts of the Federation’s partners, the IPF has completed its initial goals. It has 30,000 active members across 65 member institutions in five different continents. It has co-organized 22 large-scale events in association with the United Nations Cultural Arts Foundation, the Royal Photographic Society, the New York-based North America Photography Association, and the Hong Kong Photography Association. It has curated and hosted international art exhibtions such as ‘IMPRESSION CANADA’, ‘West of China’, and ‘Master Photographers Exhibition’ in 30 cities across the world.”

On this year’s photography festival, she detailed: “The upcoming 2019 Toronto International Photography Festival will continue with the theme of a previous project titled ‘Salute to Black-and-White Photography’. With preparation beginning on May 25, the three-month Toronto International Photography Festival will grant 42 awards in 12 different competition categories. Entries will be judged by 57 photography experts and organizations. The photography festival will begin on the first weekend of October, showcasing a discussion forum, various lectures by experts, an awards ceremony, special exhibitions, maple leaf photography, and worldwide travel. We will invite 320 photographers from across the world to gather together for this event.”

“We hope that the rapid development and advancement of the IPF will help us set more practical goals and help more photographers find a way to success. A sense of social responsibility pushed us to start planning, perfecting the photographic services system and establishing a funding program to encourage photographic art. To support more artists in creation, display, publishing, production, and international distribution; these are the IPF’s goals for the next five years.”

After thanking the guests for their attendance, support, understanding, and affirmation, she concluded: “Let us international photographers cooperate in starting the golden age of photography with this year’s Toronto International Photography Festival.”

Toronto City Councillor Jim Karygiannis sent this following congratulatory message to the organizers.

Markham City Councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci made an appearance and offered the following words of congratulation: “Photography displays the world through the lens. This Toronto International Photography Festival is a celebration of photography professionalism. We look forward to it together. I wish you a happy fifth anniversary of IPF.”

Mr. Zhong Xinsheng, Executive Director of the National Congress of Chinese Canadians Ontario Division, also delivered a speech. He stated that he was happy to attend the press conference and praised the efforts of the photographers in documenting the scenery of China, Canada, and the world, acknowledging that each photograph has a rich story behind it. He was also proud that two important cultural events, the TIFF and the TIPF, were being held in Toronto. He praised the IPF for its success and encouraged photographers to work harder.

Responsible for coordinating efforts between multiple photography agencies, IPF representative Ying Shi said: “After half a year of cold winter, Toronto’s spring flowers are in full bloom. It is the spring of the photographer. We are very pleased to see more and more people participating in the festival. The quality has been increasing since the very beginning, and we have received lots of support from multiple associations.”

Mr. Wang Cheng, Vice President of the Canada China Photography Institute, recalled the successful foundation of the Federation five years prior. He expressed his gratitude to Dr. Chi Huang for her contribution and wished the 2019 Toronto International Photography Festival a complete success.

Mr. Li Zhiwen, Vice Chairman of the Jiahua Elite Photography Association, stated that the Association is committed to paying attention to the world’s major photography events and trying to lead the Chinese to participate in the international photography competition. He reported on the good results achieved by the members in the past four years and said that he would do his best to organize the work. He also expressed hopes that more photographers will pay attention to this competition and help to showcase the Chinese photographers at international photography competitions.

Mr. Zhou Hong, Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association of Canada, expressed that he was impressed at the development of the IPF worldwide and shared his hopes for the 2019 TIPF. As a co-chairman of the International Photographers Alliance, he also spoke about his hopes for the photography festival to improve this year.

President Larry Deng of the Atlantic Photographers Association said that the past five years have seen the development of amateur photographers in many areas. He expressed the value of cooperation among many photography associations to share resources and compete fairly, leading to the sound advancement of photography. He offered his congratulations on the official launch of the TIPF and the full cooperation of the Atlantic Photographers Association.

Mr. Ceng Hong of F64 Photography Academy stated: “Although outdoor photography can be challenging on rough terrain, it is one of the best ways to improve photography skill. IPF is an incredible link connecting photographers around the world, thanks to the hard work of the organizers. I wish the 2019 Toronto International Photography Festival a complete success.”

CEO of Husehui Chen Yu announced plans for the association to be established in China after having organized photography and lectures for many years. At present, there are more than 7,000 paid members and many members have achieved in many fields. She expressed hopes to strengthen the communication between Chinese and international photographers by participating in the Toronto International Photography Festival.

Dr. Han Xiao, Vice Chairman of the Canadian Photographic Art Exchange Association and the North American Mobile Photography Association expressed that she was happy to see TIPF accepting new forms of submissions including mobile photographs. Recognizing that the Toronto International Photography Festival is an exchange event for international photographers, she wished the festival a success.

Liu Wenbing, President of the North American Natural Study and Humanities Society, stated: “This year marks the 180th anniversary of the invention of photography. I hope that more people will understand and like photography through the Toronto International Photography Festival. Congratulations on the honors the Federation has achieved.”

Mrs. Wang Yun, a chair juror, received the highest score in the 2015 TIPF and won the title of “Outstanding Canadian Photographer”, her first international award. She spoke about her success story. As the person in charge of the jury, she introduced the details, highlights and details of this international competition. She announced 12 group classifications and entry methods, and further elaborated that the competition will continue to use the CAPA standard for selection. Finally, she welcomed everyone to participate.

Juror and consultant Rod Trider spoke on behalf of the CAPA and all the other jurors, stating that they are honoured to take on the responsibility of judging and have the confidence to judge fairly and openly. He also expressed hopes to see the results of everyone’s hard work, including participants and organizers.

Henry Liu, IPF technical director and head of Sanqi Cinema, discussed the preparations for a landscape photography study trip. His display of some of his other works and awards received a warm welcome from the guests.

Jeff Peng, Chairman of the IPF Board of Directors, formally appointed Ms. Chi Huang as the Chairman of the 2019 Toronto International Photography Festival. Markham City Councillor Alan Ho also brought a congratulatory letter and made a speech.

Ms. Lucy Li, CEO of LV International Media, presented her congratulations on the stage.

Ms. Wang Yun, serving as a chair juror on the 2019 TIPF jury, was appointed by CAPA Chairman Rod Trider. Mr. Dennis Pan, Shi Ying, Zhiwen Li, He Zhao, Claire Zhang, and Eric Chen were appointed as members of the TIPF Organizing Committee.

Chairwoman Chi Huang presented the art consultant certificate to the famous photography artist Philip Kan; to Oliver Yang the Design Director Certificate and to Cara Liu the Music Editor’s Certificate. Sheriden Huang, President of Liuquan Winery, attended the press conference to present the Canadian Gold Ice Wine Award for the International Gold Award to the members of the organizing committee and wished the photography festival a complete success.

Danny Liang and Claire Zhang host the 2018 IPF Annual Photo Awards.

Danny Liang and Claire Zhang host the 2018 IPF Annual Photo Awards.

915 Dance dance group members Rita Guo, Yuan Yuan, Nancy Wang, Jiaqian Li, and Yiran Wang perform an opening dance.

IPF Vice Chairman Mr. Dennis Pan summarized the annual movements of the Federation: “First of all, we successfully organized the second TIPF in 2017 and the second IPF Photography Carnival in 2018. We then held the third Shenzhen International Photography Art Exhibition from January 27 to February 20, 2018. The large-scale photography exhibition “West of China” was produced with the support of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, Canada. During the three-year period from November 2017 to January 2019, the tour of the six cities of Canada received more than 20,000 local audiences in Toronto, including a large number of local residents and parliamentarians. Some government employees took their families to visit after work. There were various kind interactions during the course of the tour. For example, many viewers indicated that one of their goals was to visit the beautiful and mysterious landscapes of western China as shown in the pictures. Yet another testament to the charm of imagery, the language of art across racial and political borders!”

Pan continued: “IPF organized the participation in the ‘Global Chinese New Year Photo Contest’ in New York in 2018, wrote the Canadian volume of the ‘Chinese Photography Art Annual Report’; co-organized the second London International Photography Exhibition in March 2019; and co-organized a pop-up exhibition of Yousef Karsh’s photographs with the Toronto City Government. We also hosted a conference in the Greater Toronto Area about Geng Long’s “Earthworm Wandering” backpacking and landscape photography. The halls were packed with over a hundred people, and the enthusiastic exchange was very popular among photographers. We have also heard the requests of photographers to improve safety, economy, and comfort; in doing so we have invited travel experts from Humitrips to present numerous lectures to flyers, of which the third phase is currently being planned.”

Pan stated: “With the extensive foreign exchanges of the IPF, the top leaders of the Federation have been frequently invited to serve as members and judges of large-scale international photography events for several years. At the beginning of this year, Dr. Chi Huang was also invited to be an organizing committee member and judge of the ninth Hong Kong National Photography Art Exhibition, one of the largest in the Chinese world. She was also awarded the ‘Top Ten Photography Tutors of the World’ award by the Hong Kong Photographic Art Golden Horse Award Committee.” He expressed hopes that more photographers in Toronto would follow similar paths, and announced the winners of the 2018 IPF Pioneer Photographer Medal Award.

Chairman Zhang Jian of the Canadian Association of Chinese Performing Arts praised IPF’s contribution to the community. Following five years of hard work for photographers in community activities, he expressed his gratitude to the IPF organizers on behalf of the Association and issued certificates to the winners of the 2018 IPF Pioneer Photographer Medal and the recipients of their “Annual Canadian-Chinese Tourism Culture” funds.

2018 TPC Pioneer Photographer Medallists (50 people): Tommy Logatsang, Johnny F. P. Tam, Sunny Yip, Alex Ye, Ken Yang, Wang Jianwei, Dai Linggui, Frank Guo, Jessica Shi, Ying Shi, Steven Cen, Sunfish, Jasmine Suo, Emma Zhao, Claire Zhang, Jia Xiaoyi, Teng Guo, Wang Ni, Bai Xueshi, Simon Yu, Yin Zhong, Hata Ma, Sang_Chan, Oliver Yang, Mary Huang, Liu, Lin Shengqi, Steven Zhao, Darius Poon, Benson Wang, Xiao Ge, Jeff Yuan, Huang Zhiqiang, Wang Jianjun, Lu Ming, Duan Yueheng, Li Tao, Huang Haiqiong, Yan Shougen, Zhi Yue, Hanbin Wang, Bang Peng, Che Xianzhen, Ju Jianxin, Ye Jingyin, Huang Dajiang, Lin Yi, Jiang Wenyao, Zhang Chi, Yin Gang 

Rose Song, Key Client Manager at the Toronto office of Hainan Airlines, congratulated the winners and distributed complimentary suitcase dust covers for the convenience of the photographers.

The IPF values the growth of young photographers and encourages students to actively participate in social activities. In the past five years, activities organized by the Federation have provided more than 1,000 volunteer service opportunities to organizations such as high schools, universities, and student unions in the Greater Toronto Area.

Hunter Sun, a second-year student at Ryerson University, spoke on behalf of the other volunteers. He spoke about the importance of volunteer service and about how he learned a lot of things through practical experience. He expressed pride at his participation in volunteer services.

ESL teacher Mr. Dahai issues a certificate to volunteering international students. 

Volunteers receiving certificates (21 people): Hunter Sun, Weng Shaolin, Gerald Zhang, Jiang Chaohao, Zhao Tongyingjun, Li Xinkai, Lin Ziyong, Lin Jiaying, Huang Jiamin, Ye Yingjia, Huang Yuandi, Yu Xuechen, Zhang Ningyu, Zhan Xiaoyu, Doris Meng, Ivy Jing, Angelique Shek, Edith Wang Yuxuan Wang, Peter Zhang, Ralph Lu

In the 2018 Toronto Photography Carnival, photographers selected Jessica Wang, Cornelia Yu, Coco Liang, Anna Tian, Emily Wang, Clover Guo, Vania Feng, Dannie Zuo, Cici Gu, Bella Tang, Coco Yu, Sinthia Qi, Vanessa Zhang, Maria Wang, and Cynthia Yang as “Photographic Babies” for their beauty.

Multi-talented Babies display their live performance skills. Classical dance “Qianqian mo shangxing”: Emily Wang

Singing performance of “I Want You”: Coco Liang

Poetry reading of “Man Jiang Hong”: Cornelia Yu

Singing performance: Vania Feng

Jessica Wang graduated from the University of Toronto Business School and is currently working in international business. She has served as the official commentator for the opening exhibition of the Royal Western Museum of Canada in the “West of China” photography tour hosted by the IPF.

Cornelia Yu graduated from Hiram College in biology and stage drama. She has been in the IPF Volunteer Group for three years and has served as the volunteer team leader. She is currently engaged in Toronto-based Chinese drama performances, loves stage drama and Chinese culture, and is involved in related fields.

Coco Liang studied at Ryerson University’s Department of Child Education, and loves music, film and theatre performances.

Emily Wang graduated from the Department of Psychology and Art History at Queen’s University. She is interested in Chinese classical dance, painting and photography. She hopes to develop her skills through more activities with more like-minded people.

Clover Guo is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has worked in an investment company. She represented North America’s Division 14 in the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant in 2014 and worked as a banquet director and model for Burberry in 2016, as well as as a model for ethanclosing. She has been engaged in professional ceremony planning and hosting for a long time.

IPF consultant Zhao Zude presented certificates, garlands, and gifts to the girls. The Chinese intangible cultural heritage silk craft embroidery provided by Caiyitang. Anna Tian, a student of York University, is also an international yoga instructor and an expert in traditional Chinese medicine and essential oil therapy. She is a part-time hostess and model.

Vania Feng studied at the University of Waterloo and participated in the IPF Photography Carnival for the first time. She is looking forward to learning and communicating with the photographers and singing songs.

DJ Yixuan is the audio producer responsible for the Toronto International Photography Festival and the after-party of the press conference in which she played a 45-minute playlist of electro music.

The photographers cutting a commemorative cake in the midst of celebration, wishing for success come October.

The 2019 TIPF International Photography Contest will begin on May 25th at 00:00 and will end 3 months later on August 25th at 23:59. See the latest information on the official TIPF website: tipf.ca

To participate in the competition, email [email protected] for the entry materials.

2019 Toronto International Photography Festival

Press Conference Highlights

City of Toronto Councillor Jim Karygiannis, cheering on the volunteers in a group photo.

Yan Ming Gallery President Shan Yanming, voice actor Zhang Jiping and his wife, OceanArt Gallery head Sophie Lu, Zhuoxin Finance President Luna Liu, Chinese Headline New Media President Sun Linf, world-renowned producer and director Li Lan, Charming China radio host Ma Sha, Chinese Headline New Media chief editor Christina, Torontotv President Joseph, Chinadaily chief editor Li Na, Torcn.com journalist Jin Hong, and Xiushan Media President Gao Xiushan wait as guests fill in to attend the press conference.

Photographers: Zhou Hong, Shi Ying, Jessmin, Rod Trider, Alex Lu, Wang Yun, Stella

President Zhang Jian of the Canadian Association of Chinese Performing Arts and Chairman Dr. Jeff Peng of the IPF Board of Directors

Renowned filmmaker Jia Xiaoyi, vice chairman of the TIPF; Mr. Dennis Pan, vice chairman of the TIPF; Mrs. Rose Song of Hainan Airlines; President David Zhang of Metro Direction Financial Inc.

Photographers: Alex Lu, Zhou Hong, Hooper, Zeng Hong, Zeng Yi

Group photo with world-travelled photographer Geng Long

Photographers: Jean, Jessmin, Rod, Sarha, Wang Yun, Lana

Photographers: Jeff Peng, Philip Kwan, Rod, Wang Yun, Eric Chen

Frank Guo, Zhang Zuping

Ken Yang, Chi Huang, Tommy

915 Dance group dancers and Chi Huang

Volunteer Li Xinkai

Photographers: Johnny, Dennis Pan